Tastes of the Faroe Islands (5/11 - 5/18)

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        Since you were young you’ve been dreaming of exploring the Faroe Islands!  Just kidding, you’re probably trying to figure out where they are right now.  To answer that question, East of Iceland and North of Scotland.  Now you’re thinking, okay, but why go?  The answer is that they are a group of 18 islands with a rich history and stunning landscapes that combine to create an idyllic Scandinavian environment to explore.  Tired of the crowds in Iceland?  With just over 50,000 residents and only a few hundred hotel rooms, the Faroes are far from overrun and since you’re never further than 3 miles from the ocean you’re almost guaranteed constant scenic beauty.

        The Faroes feature picture perfect landscapes, welcoming locals, and a rich culture that has developed since the Vikings arrived in the 9th century.  With fishing making up the largest industry in the islands, and with sheep outnumbering humans, all the ingredients are there for a new generation of innovative chefs that have put the Faroe Islands on the map as a culinary destination featuring classic local dishes as well as New Nordic approaches that highlight local ingredients. 

        As a culinary adventure we’ll be combining hikes and day trips that boast storybook scenery, with meals at the best restaurants in the islands including the most remote Michelin starred restaurant in the world, KOKS.  In addition to the chef’s tasting menu at KOKS we’ll dine at local favorites around the islands where you’ll enjoy fresh seafood, lamb, and local vegetables as well as a brewery tour and tasting.  Forget “farm to table”, we’ll visit a local farm where the husband and wife that run the farm will prepare dinner for us on the farm, from the farm, while we’re entertained by local musicians.

        We love to eat well but also enjoy getting out into nature and burning some calories, so we’ll also take you hiking on an island that is largely set aside for Puffins and the rest of the 110 species of birds that inhabit the islands.  You’ll travel to the island of Kalsoy where a local guide will tell you about the legend of the Kópakonan (Seal Woman), now represented by an impressive statue in the surf alongside the village of Mikladalur, before hiking up to a seaside promontory that offers sweeping views of the ocean and islands alongside the famous Kallur lighthouse.  We’ll also travel by boat the Vestmanna Bird Cliffs where the experienced captains not only take us to the best spots for birdwatching, they also navigate their craft through sea carved grottos.

        This hidden gem is becoming more popular each year with more and more stories appearing in magazines and online so join us in the Faroes this year before the crowds arrive and check a lifetime experience off your list!
  • 5/11 –  Arrive Vagar airport (FAE) / Rest & Tour City / Fjord Tasting Dinner

    5/12 – Hike on Mykines Island (“The Puffin Island”) / Visit Gásadalur / Dinner at 4 Star Hotel

    5/13 – Tour Nólsoy / Waffles & Coffee / Hike around Island / Fresh local lunch / Sauna / Modern Faroese Dinner

    5/14 – Bird Cliffs Cruise / Tour Tórshavn / Tasting Menu (with wine pairing & dessert) at Michelin Starred Koks Restaurant

    5/15 – Tour Kalsoy / Visit Kópakonan (Seal Woman) Statue / Hike Kallurin / Brewery Tour & Tasting / Dinner in Klaksvík

    5/16 – Guided walking tour of historic sections of Tórshavn / Free Time / Dinner at local farm

    5/17 – Driving tour of Stremoy (Kirkjubøur), Saksun, & Gjógv / Faroese Tappas Dinner

    5/18 – Depart for home or your next adventure


    • All meals except for 2 lunches
      • A highlight will be KOKS restaurant’s tasting menu with wine and dessert pairing
    • Lodging at 4 star rated Hotel Foroyar (https://hotelforoyar.fo/en/)
    • Hikes on Mykines, Nólsoy, and Kalsoy
    • Vestmanna Bird Cliffs boat tour
    • Dinner at local farm
    • Driving tour of Stremoy (Kirkjubøur), Saksun, & Gjógv
    • Ground Transportation
    • Ferry transfers
    • Trekking pole rental
    • Licensed English speaking guides
    • Gift package
  • GROUP SIZE (12 Maximum + 2 Guides)

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